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Feb 24 - Fox Run Manor - Nursing Home Service - 7pm 


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Thoughts From Recent Sermons...


Bringing In The Glory


1 Chronicles 15.28 David and the people shouted when the ark was brought to Jerusalem.   The ark symolized God's covenant, his word, his help, and his promises.


David told the priests they needed to sanctify themselves in order to carry the ark, and they obeyed.  God helped the priests, and they successfuly brought in the ark.  


This passage teaches us that sanctification precedes the glory. Jesus sanctified himself, the priests sanctified themselves, and we can do the same. 


John 17 - Jesus said that he sanctified himself for the sake of others. Others need to see the glory and grace of God in the church.  Sanctification opens the windows of God's glory for the world to see.


Deut 18.13 We must accept the fact that perfection is a commandment. God had zero tolerance for witchcraft in this text, and he has zero tolerance for sin in the Christian's life. 


The glory of the ark includes the glory of the word of God.  The Bible says that when God's judgments (teachings) are in the earth, the inhabitants will learn righteousness (Isaiah 28).  When God's word is the centerpiece of the church, grace multiplies and joy abounds.