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April 24 - Bible Study - Series on Trinity - Jesus the Son 


April 28 - Nursing Home Service - Fox Run Manor - 7pm 


May 01 - Feet Washing and Communion - 7pm 


May 08 - Youth Meeting - 7pm 


May 15 - Guest Speaker - 7pm - Bro Ryan O'neil 


May 19 - Nursing Home Service - Fox Run Manor - 7pm 


May 26 - Ladies Fellowship Dinner 6:30 pm 


May 29 - Bible Study - Series on Trinity - The Holy Spirit 


Jun 12 - Youth Meeting - 7pm 


Jun 14-21 - Campmeeting - White Pine, TN 


Jul 20-24 - Vacation Bible School 


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Thoughts From A Recent Sermon...


Joining The Winning Side

Bro Josh Thilmony,  4/12/2015 


Psalms 89.19 Then you spoke in vision to your holy one, and said, I have laid help upon one that is mighty; I have exalted one chosen out of the people. 20) I have found David my servant; with my holy oil have I anointed him. 


David is a type of Christ. Just as mighty men joined David when God began exalting David, we join ranks with an exalted Christ, and we become part of the winning side.  How do we join?


Part 1 -  Repentance


Acts 2.38 When the men asked Peter what to do about their lost condition, he told them to repent. Repentance involves a change of desire, and therefore a change of direction. Repentance is good for saints and sinners.  


In order to remain on the winning side, Christians must repent at times. Jesus told the churches in Asia to repent of the things into which they had drifted.  We can drift into attitudes or ambitions that are not of God.  Several years before I became a pastor, I told my pastor that I didn't want to become a pastor.  I had to change my attitude when God began calling me.  


Part 2 - Learn of Him


Matt 11.29 In order to be with Jesus, we must learn of him.  Jesus wants us to learn of him by taking his yoke upon us.  Memorizing scripture is not enough.  We must walk in his steps to experience what it is to be Christ like.


Our original text said that God would lay help upon one that is mighty.  If we take Christ upon us, we can find great help in him. He was mighty in counsel and in cures.  Bro Harry Craig testified often that God was his healer.  If we seek God earnestly for divine healing, we can know what it is like to be helped of Christ.


Part 3 - Be Strong


Ephesians 6.10 Be strong in the power of his might. Paul exhorted the Ephesians to be strong in God's might that they could overcome devils.  The devil labors much to keep the saints of God quiet in their efforts to live holy and spread the truth. 


Acts 9.22 Paul increased in strength, proving that Jesus was Christ.  In order to be strong in something, we must do it repetitively.  Weight lifters become strong through repeatedly lifting weights.  Runners gain endurance through much running.  We also can be strong in spreading truth by making a point to share truth at many times with many people.