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Thoughts From A Recent Sermon...


Introduction to the Seals

Bro Josh Thilmony,  5/17/2015 


Revelation 5.1-5 The book was sealed with seven seals.  No man was worthy or able to open the book, and John wept much.


The elder told John, "Weep not [the Lamb] has prevailed to open the book."  Jesus is a revealer of truth. This book was full of the treasures of salvation, but it was sealed shut.  It was like a pizza box full of fresh, hot pizza, but the box was unable to be opened. 


What do we find when the Lamb opens the seals? 


Part 1 - Divine Revelations


God opens and closes your understanding.  Romans 1 tells us it is God that closes the understanding of the homosexual so he thinks his lifestyle is ok. 


Luke 24.41 - Then opened he their understanding.  Without the Lamb revealing truth, we are flying blind.  It would be like a motocross race with the riders wearing their helmets backwards.  It would be  a race to destruction.


Part 2 - Bitterness, or Lamentations and Mourning


Ezekiel 2.10 God gave Ezekiel a roll of a book that was written within and without, just like the one in Revelation 5.  Ezekiel said there was lamentations, mourning, and woe written in the book.


Many times when the Lamb opened the seals, he was revealing the fallen condition of religious people.  They were taken up with spirits other than the Holy Spirit. For people in that condition, the divine revelation from the Lamb is a cause for mourning and woe. 


Part 3 - Sweetness


Ezekiel 3.1  God told Ezekiel to eat the book.  When he obeyed, he found it was as sweet as honey.  Psalms 119.103 says "How sweet are thy words unto my taste! Yea, sweeter than the honey and the honeycomb."


Divine revelation is sweet to the honest heart.  Many times when sinners and hypocrites are finding fault with you, God will send a divine revelation to let you know you're still alright.  At other times, God opens his word to grant a revelation on a mystery for which you've been seeking understanding. Fresh revelations make us want to repeat the words of the crowds around the throne scenes in the book of Revelation.  They sang a new song, and gave glory to God!